Why did you feel embarrassed while feeding your own baby just because some women fail to respect your choice? Why did you look down and felt low just because some women thought it is not a good idea to feed your baby in public? Let me tell you one thingRead More →


You must have heard about a lot of children’s magazine but have you ever heard of a magazine created by children? We are pretty sure that the answer is a ‘No’. We as parents decide everything for our children but we should realise that children should have the freedom toRead More →

नन्ही सी गुड़िया मेरे घर आई थी, कच्ची उंगलियाँ, रूई सा स्पर्श, हल्की इतनी जैसे कोमल कोई फूल, बचा बचा कर पकड़ती थी, के कहीं हो जाए ना भूल, दूध पिलाती, तो सीने से चिपकी रहती, ना जाने कब दूध पीते पीते सो जाती. आँख खुलती तो मंध मंध मुस्कुराती,Read More →

Selfless mother, forgiving mother, loving mother . . . We might have some qualities to be that but then some of us have certain qualities that make us ‘that’ Mom. Are you ‘That Mom’ . .  who hides chocolates from her child to eat later peacefully.   who does notRead More →