Free Worksheets

Finding the right worksheet for your child is a struggle in itself. We understand how difficult it is to find worksheets that are customized to the needs of your child. 


With over 10 years of experience in academic publishing industry and  teaching, Founder of Miss Zesty, Swati Verma brings you this exclusive opportunity to get customized worksheets for your child absolutely free

We create customized worksheets for children between the age group of 3-13 years. Subjects we are currently working on: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies for both ICSE and CBSE Boards.


All you have to do is like our Facebook Page and fill in this form. We will create customized worksheets in the form of printable PDF, just for your child. If you want to add some more information about the kind of worksheet you need, you can simply add that in the “Additional Information” Box.


What else? The first 20 subscriptions will get their own story book in PDF format i.e. they will be the central character in the story.

Why no hard copies? 

Because we believe in going green.




11 replies

  1. This customized worksheet is nice and easy for the children.

  2. I am sure the worksheets will be very useful for kids. I teach at a state board school but I am sure it will be useful for my school kids too.

  3. These look great and will benefit children greatly.

  4. Very nice worksheet! thank you very much for such useful information! I will use it for my kids

  5. Thanks for sharing this tool. Seems great!

  6. Very nice tool. I’ll be sure to recommend this to lots of people.

  7. Worksheets had been my life saver so many times when I was still teaching.

  8. I wish I had child then I could order some 😛

  9. Thank you for the worksheet, this will help a lot.

  10. No doubt this will save all parties involves a lot of stress.

  11. This can be a lifesaver for any parent in any country! Thanks for the resources!

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