Dad, daddy, papa, baba, and numerous name, one role – Being a father. It is not easy being a mom, a lot of responsibilities and expectations but we often ignore that it is equally challenging to be a dad. My husband spends four hours travelling to and fro to workRead More →


बेटी को परी के जैसे पाला, सॅंजो के रखा, दुनिया से बचाया और खुद के लिए लड़ना सिखाया. हर दिन उसके साथ जिया और पता नही कब वो बड़ी हो गयी. अभी कल ही तो एल के जी में अड्मिशन कराया था, नयी यूनिफॉर्म लाया था, दो छोटी छोटी चोटीRead More →

Most of the times it is difficult for people to believe that there are some people who actually love solitude. The general assumptions for such people are: Them: “Hey, Why are you sitting alone? Come sit with everyone.”/ “Isey Social anxiety hai shaayad.” Ummm.. no please, I really want toRead More →