My Dream – Short Story by Shubhi Surjan

Shubhi Surjan,  Story Writer, KIDDIANS

Last night I saw a dream, a very funny one! So I thought of penning it down. Here it goes…

One sunny weekend, I had planned a picnic with two of my friends- Advika and Yash. Yash’s and his mother came but neither Advika nor her mother came. Advika messaged on our WhatsApp group that she won’t’ becoming, as she had already planned another picnic with someone else, but for some reason, she messaged me privately that she would come. However, she never turned up! So strange!

My dream just kept on getting weirder- Suddenly Yash’s mother asked me for a paper and pen to draw a doodle!

Then out of nowhere, my Maths teacher, Kiranjeet ma’am showed up with 3rd standard took us for an adventure trip!

Our first stop was a gigantic artificial waterfall. It was falling from a wall! We spent some time there and continued our adventure. We walked for about a kilometre, and reached a village where there was no water! None, no wells, no pumps, nothing, but there were many slides, so we played there for fifteen-twenty minutes. This village had no water but so many slides! This dream was so weird!

Our next stop was where we would lay camp and enjoy our picnic. It was half a kilometre ahead and was beside a river. In the river, there were dinosaurs and crocodiles! Oh, what place had Kiranjeet ma’am brought us to?

Oh and now the funny part-  Sarthak, one of my classmates started to fight with a dinosaur, to show off and his best friend, Punit with a crocodile! But the crocodile was so fast that Punit was just punching in the air! Sarthak was not having a great time too so he decided a new tactic- He grabbed a stick fallen on the ground and did half cartwheels with it. Unfortunately, this just made the dinosaur angry!  Nitin sir, WHO HAD ACCOMPANIED US ON this trip, was staring at this fight from behind. He immediately knew that Sarthak’s would need help. He too did cool cartwheels and entered the battlefield! Sarthak was shocked by sir’s cool moves, and he stood frozen! Then, Nitin sir starts to fight with the dinosaur!

But suddenly I woke up and I stopped dreaming! I am so sad that I couldn’t see who won the fight. I wish I will be able to see the remaining fight tonight.

Edited by Soham Jategaonkar, Editor,KIDDIANS

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