Coronavirus – The Pandemic

Darsheel Sharma, Senior Development Editor, KIDDIANS

Coronavirus or Covid-19, has caused a global pandemic, which started in Wuhan City, which is the capital of the Hubei province in China. The origin of this virus isn’t confirmed, but experts believe it jumped from bats, through pangolins, (They are sold in the wet market in the city of Wuhan) and then into humans. The fact that Covid-19 has also infected a tiger, proves that the virus can jump species. This virus is believed to be natural and is believed to have an animal origin, though there are many speculations with this theory. By December 2019, the spread of this virus was driven by even indirect human to human transactions.

There are 5 stages of this virus:-

The 1st stage, where only a small number of people are infected.

In the 2nd stage, the infected people travel or come in contact with non-infected people and the virus starts spreading. The 3rd stage involves community transmission. The infection spreads in small localities, and local residents become the victims of the start of mass infection.

In the 4th stage, immensely large numbers of deaths occur which, makes tracing the infected almost impossible, and the cases seem to be uncountable.

The 5th and final stage is the slower spread of the virus and the eventual recovery from the virus.


When something happens, it always has both positive and negative aspects, and the same is the case of this virus. It has both positive and negative aspects. The negative aspects are that of course, this virus has killed and destroyed thousands of lives, and has also slowed down the economy of many countries among many other problems.


A positive aspect is that it has made many much more hygienic! It has also reduced the people who die every day! The thing is that Corona is also saving lives- A lockdown means that there is less road traffic, which means fewer deaths on the road. Corona is saving more lives than it is killing!


Another positive is that almost the whole world is under lockdown and thus there is barely any air pollution, almost no noise pollution, and other forms of pollutions have also reduced. The earth is reviving, the way it was in the yesteryears. Greenhouse gases are also produced less.


Some more information about this virus-

The introduction of this virus in India was with the arrival of infected tourists who visited India, and Indians who had visited some foreign nations, mainly UAE. Even though the Government took some great measures to prevent the spread of the virus, the Government didn’t seal international borders in time,  which led the virus to spread among many Indians, which put India under the third stage. India has over 48,000 positive cases, 1540 deaths, and 13170 people have recovered as per the update on 05Th May, by the Government of India.


The fight the pandemic, the Government of India, the State governments, the District governments, and the grass-root level governments all have taken several big steps. The Central Government has sealed the international borders and has implemented the decision of a lockdown in the whole country. The State Governments have also taken precautionary steps by looking and monitoring the cases in each city. The local administrators have started home delivery of important items such as canned food, vegetables, medicines, and other essentials. Furthermore, services like home screening for the virus,  and daily check-ups and other services are provided. Basically, everything essential for people is being home delivered.

There are certain precautions that we can take to stop the spread of this virus. Some are not attending any social gatherings, or only the most necessary ones even after the lockdown ends, for at least a year. This will make sure Covid-19 doesn’t return.

If you have some common symptoms for this virus-like cold, cough, or fever, contact your nearest hospital, and also contact the government helpline number- +91-11-23978046and quarantine yourself. Sanitize all surfaces from time to time and cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing.


With these easy steps, we can stop the spread of this pandemic in India and the world, and allow our scientists to work on this vaccine, with the assurance that their brothers and sisters are safe at home.




Edited by Soham Jategaonkar, Editor, KIDDIANS

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