A True Mother’s Day by Soham Jategaonkar, Editor, KIDDIANS

Soham Jategaonkar, KIDDIANS

They say that even the smallest things make the biggest difference in life. I recently found out the true meaning of this.

Last Monday, my mom and I had made some ice-cream. Because of the high demand for ingredients like milk, the ice-cream we could make was a very small amount. After dinner that day, my mom scooped up the ice-cream, and she split it into two servings, not three. (There are three of us in the house) I immediately asked her- “Won’t you be having some?”

After having my ice-cream, I was left with two things- One of course, the sweet taste of Vanilla, and the second, a thought. I was plagued with the same thought the whole week- Why did I ask her that if she wouldn’t be having any ice-cream? I mean she never told me that she won’t have any. It was me, who directly assumed that she wouldn’t have any!

After a lot of thought, I realized, that even the modern world, our society, including you and me, force our mothers to live with this ideology- ‘A mother should always sacrifice for her family to be happy’.

None of our mothers signed some contract or some laws that say this. It us who have created this, if you want to call it ‘underlaw’ or an ‘obvious rule’ that mothers have to follow.

If you think that I am cribbing over such a small thing, give it some thought. Sit for some time and just think. You will begin to realize, that all of us contribute to this ideology so much.  Be honest- If you do some house-hold chore, say some dishes, you’ll get all the appreciation for it. Moms will even debate with other moms- “Oh my son and daughter are so helpful!”

Now compare your chores with your mom- She does what you do and much more, many times in a day, EACH day of the year. And what is she getting for this- NOTHING. No appreciation no money, and most of the times, no help. You and me are what we are today, living this wonderful life, because of our mothers.

Our mothers deserve much more than just stereotypes. Maybe from this Mother’s day, give your mom a helping hand. Maybe, when your mother is sick, just make a simple thing like Maggi. Maybe, one day, our moms can also find ‘her’ in ‘mother’.

I believe, there will be a day,

When we will truly understand,

Why our mothers have such rough hands.


I believe, there will be a day,

When every mother gets ‘hers’ in ‘mothers’,

When we realise the sacrifice she made for others.


I believe there will be a day,

When we truly see,

The pain and the love for you and me.


A mother is a greatness,

Something science may never define,

A bond with no line.


We can,

Together we can,

Bring some joy and love, to the one with whom it all began.


Happy mother’s day to all of our mothers!

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