Ishan was a young boy. At the age of 3, his parents died in a car accident. After that, his grandparents were his only loved ones. they took care of him. They looked after his education, food, water and everything he needed. Ishaan was very happy. The only thing which he hated was that he wasn’t allowed to stay away from his grandparents for too long except for school and that kind of stuff.

\One of his friends, Aaryan told him that he should find a job and leave them alone in some hostel for old people. But he wasn’t so evil. He just wanted to stay happy. After his studies, his grandpa said that now he is very old and can’t work. So that basically means that now he is retiring and from now Ishaan has to earn his living all by himself. Now he was super mad. He thought that they just did it as they wanted to trouble him. He left his house in anger and stayed outside very late. He told everything to his friend Dev. He thought that Dev would support him but what he did was that he started telling and giving some sense into him. But then Ishaan didn’t listen to him.

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Infact the next day, he moved to the town alone for job and promised that he will come to the village every weekend. Every time when it was Friday, his grandma would ask Ishaan by phone, “Ishaan, son you are coming to the village tomorrow, right I have made something special for you. And this time meet everyone in the village. Okay?”. His answer was just, “hmm, I will try.”

She always kept hopes that his lovely son would come. But good things never last. He called his grandparents and told that it wasn’t possible for him to meet them as it was very expensive for him to travel so much. He was happy for some time but then he started missing his grandma’s loving and caring touch, his grandpa’s loud voice and his grandma’s homemade food. He even realized that his grandpa didn’t retire on purpose to trouble him.

And one night a small call changed everything upside down. It was his grandparents, saying that they are coming to the town to live with him forever. He was so happy that he started jumping around the floor. Now he could get his good night sleep merrily on his grandma’s lap, not be alone and not have to eat junk every time. The next morning, they came and lived with Ishaan forever.

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