Flaw-‘less’ Woman by Anjana Dutta

She has flaws,

She is full of imperfections.

She has temper,

She is argumentative and stubborn.

Bad hair, dark complexion, childish and attitude.

She has more, more flaws and quite shrewd.

At some point, she might give up quickly,

Other times, she wants to fight boldly.

She doesn’t want to be loved for her petals

She wants to be loved for her thorns!

She wants someone to love her with her flaws

Continuously, whole-heartedly and without a pause,

She wants someone who falls love with her impatience and changing mood.

She wants someone who loves her scars, marks and when she is screwed.

She knows her worth, she is powerful.

She is a loving co-creator, a soul-cheerful.

Her body is a temple of highest order,

Wherein love occurs at every border.

That makes her a strong woman,

Fierce, dynamic and a tenacious human.

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