Day: May 2, 2020

Woman Power

Flaw-‘less’ Woman by Anjana Dutta

She has flaws, She is full of imperfections. She has temper, She is argumentative and stubborn. Bad hair, dark complexion, childish and attitude. She has more, more flaws and quite shrewd. At some point, she might give up quickly, Other times, she wants to fight boldly. She doesn’t want to be loved for her petals […]

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Miss Zesty's YWC

How to Write an Impactful Story by Swati Verma, Founder, Miss Zesty and KIDDIANS

Story writing is art. Some stories leave an everlasting impact on us, while some are forgotten easily. Some stories feel new even when we read them again and again, at the same time, we often fail to finish certain stories. So, what is it that makes any story impactful? We are being taught about different […]

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