Lockdown Due to Coronavirus Outbreak Brought Forward The Stark Reality of “Educated People” in India

Flouting rules, creating confusion and a total disrespect of authority in more than one way. Yes, that’s the reality of numerous so-called “highly educated” people in India.

In this quarantine period, one thing that has been stressed upon is, staying inside but we are not able to follow even that. So, who’s breaking the rules? The people who literally have everything. Even when the situation is getting worse with each passing day in Pune, people are not willing to compromise upon their morning and evening strolls.

“We are wearing masks.”

“We are not touching anything.”

“We are taking all precautions.”

“There is no harm in taking walks within society.”

Some of the justifications that we get. See, let me put it in simple words. IT IS NOT ALLOWED. Standing and chatting in society is not allowed, morning walks are not allowed. The government has asked you to stay INSIDE. Inside your houses. Since we are educated, we will find loopholes and rejoice in it. Society premises are also outside, you simply can’t say that you are safe within the society or you cannot include roaming in your society in your stay home status.

Things turned so bad in Pune, because of indiscipline that government had to announce a total curfew. The IT hub, big engineers, senior professionals and this is what they are doing! Finding loopholes in rules and regulations simply because they want to go out for a walk.

Okay, once we are done with this issue, there comes another. Online sessions conducted by school teachers. These teachers are trying their best to make sure that the kids learn. Instead of being thankful and supportive, I am amazed to see parents breaking rules even in online classrooms. One place where you must follow rules because your child is watching you, and this is what you do?

For senior kids, it is a student’s responsibility to mute the audio, to turn off the video and turn it on only when asked. A senior student knows that he/she needs to raise this/her hand if he/she wants to ask something but primary or elementary school kids still need their parents’ help. If parents are not able to follow the rules laid out by the teacher, what will the children learn?

It is utterly disappointing the see the teacher continuously requesting parents to turn off the camera and go on mute. Some parents don’t understand that because of their carelessness, other kids are suffering, and they are blatantly disrespecting the teacher. You are being selfish when you don’t make sure that your child’s video is turned off and the audio is on mute. You are displaying that you don’t care about other kids.

How difficult it is to understand that turn off your audio and video before joining the meeting, turn it on only when asked and the teacher can’t ask your child a question every day. These are online sessions and these sessions can’t be as interactive as the classroom.

This “Educated” Class seriously needs a reality check. Follow rules because rules are made for us, they are not to limit us but to aide us.

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