I Remember Today by Soham Jategaonkar, Editor, KIDDIANS

I remember today,
About a land far away,
Where trees blossomed with innocence,
Where the birds called all day, and our hearts were dense.

They called it Earth,
The land of beauty and of all birth,
Where the sun shone bright,
And pierced the dark night.

It was beautiful, indeed,
The first sown seed.
The rivers flowed through the lands,
The beauty was just grand.

There were oceans too,
God’s salty brew,
Home to creatures, big and small,
Until the downfall.

There was a downfall, you see,
When the seasons were filled with blood, no more glee.
When the wind was deadly, deadlier than a knife,
It seemed as if it was the end of life.

We had won.
But at what cost?
The whole world outdone.
Everything was lost.

It was our own ignorance,
We ruined the earth behind curtains,
Of ‘development’ and ‘evolution’,
A razed notion.

We had it the chance,
But we made the wrong advance.
But YOU still have an opportunity,
Save the Earth, save humanity.

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