You Don’t Need To Belong To Someone Or To A Group

To be fair, you do not need to sit in a group where you might be the topic once you leave.

All this while, women are made to think that this is a normal thing in society. Women are constantly made to feel the need to be a part of a group. A lot of time by their own partners.

“Why don’t you take time out and go out with your gang of girls?”

“Why don’t you girls plan a shopping date?”

“Hey, make more friends in the new society. Try and get along with your neighbours.”

Well, nothing wrong in it but what if someone really does not want to belong to any group or any person?

What if someone wants to be neutral and definitely does not want to be part of a group that talks behind your back.


Love You Girl <3 



I would prefer sitting on a table that has fewer people but I know that they wouldn’t make fun of me or find faults in me, the moment I leave. I would prefer being with a small group of people who I know, would add up to my personality, who can teach me something, or at least bring a smile on my face without being judgemental.

Believe it or not, if your group is sitting and judging someone in his/her absence, there is a fair chance that they would be doing the same to you.

Try and be true to yourself. You do not need to belong to any group, you do not need to impress anyone, prove yourself perfect to anyone. Be unique, be your own self, smile at everyone and entertain none.


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