10 Tricks Super Markets Use to Fool Customers

We can’t deny the fact that grocery stores and super markets provide us with some genuine deals and offers. We get everything we need under one roof and it is mostly super convenient to shop at a super market.

We have often noticed that we end up spending more money every time we visit a super market. We often buy things that we don’t necessarily need but we still put them in our cart along our way.

There are certain things that all super markets and grocery stores do to make customers spend more than needed.

  1. Upbeat or Relaxing Music: That calming music that is being played in the store is not just the manager’s choice but a clever way to make the customers feel relaxed. This way  we don’t feel rushed and hence buy more.
  2. Placing Important Things At The Back or Farther Away: If you would notice carefully you would see that the basic stuff like pulses, rice, spices and household stuff is placed a little towards the end while the beginning alleys are mostly snacks and stuff. The stores do this purposely so that the customers pick up some not so important things in their trolley along the way before they actually start buying the things that they came for. This is also one reason why we often come back without buying the things for which we had actually gone to the store.
  3. Providing Lockers for Your Bags: More than a way to avoid shop lifting, this is one way to make you feel relaxed and lighter. A customer might buy less if he/she is carrying a bag.
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  4. The Privileged Member Card: These cards hardly provide you with any good discount. This is simply a way to keep a track of your purchases. Since we fill our contact details in the form, the stores generally use the information to send us ads for discount on relevant products.
  5. Stacking Expensive Products at Eye Level: This is  very basic trick. The stores would put the more expensive products at eye level so that they get maximum attention and hence are bought more. always look at the top and bottom shelves as well to compare the products and prices.
  6. The Illusion Offers: When you see a pack of five notebooks at the price of four, you often buy it when in reality all you needed was one notebook or often it wasn’t even on your list. The stores specifically provide illusion discounts on bulk buy and stack them specifically for stuff related to kids.
  7. Fancy Along The Way: You would find, absolutely useless yet fancy stuff around the turns, at random places just to attract you. These things would be at cheaper prices so that you would feel that buying them wouldn’t make any difference but it does because customers stack a lot of such things while shopping.
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  8. The Illusion of Heavy Discount: You might often find a big stack of certain products on heavy discount which is basically a way to make you believe that the discount is heavy. The same products will be in their regular place as well with the same price and you wouldn’t even notice but when you see them is specified stack, you spend time choosing them.
  9. Usual Things, Unusual Packing: Plates in stacks vs plate, bowl and spoon set, packed attractively. The customers end up buying the latter without even noticing that they are spending more simply because of the packaging.
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  10. Men Not Favoured: Trust me, this one is absolutely true. Men’s section is basically closer to the entrance or it will be a very well defined small space for a simple reason that men don’t really spend a lot of time on shopping while women are comparatively more spontaneous when it comes to buying random things.

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