“You’re truly a SUPERMOM”-first you took care of me and now you take care of my kids”

“You’re truly a SUPERMOM”-first you took care of me and now you take care of my kids”

Mom you are the only one who can take care of my kids just the way I would have in fact even more patiently and lovingly. I see you going through the same era of upbringing kids again with me. You are taking the same efforts again for my kids so that i can rest no matter you yourself have several health issues. But you ignore all them as if they don’t exist. You forget your comfort completely and remain sleepless the whole night sometimes even days to make your grandkids sleep peacefully.

Being mom again was very tough for me. The severity and health issues have definitely increased compared to first time and pain tolerance power too has reduced immensely. But I took the decision because I have you. This faith in you gave me power to face all the trouble all again knowingly. You always took care of me. Today also you do the same along with my kids. Taking care of my kids itself a very tough job. But you take care of all of us that too smiling all the time. Mumma I learnt this strength of smiling even in pain from you. I always saw you facing difficult situations with a smile on your face and a thought in mind that “If we cry for the pain and losses, we lose faith in god ultimately remain unthankful to god but when we smile even in troubles and find happiness in them thanking god for whatever we have, we create beautiful memorable moments for life.

I can never forget those painful days of delivery when you single handed took care of me and both my kids efficiently. And you still continue to stand firm with me as my greatest support. I cannot imagine a single day without you. I am so blessed to have you. It is true that every mom does everything for their kids and grandkids but they way you push yourself beyond your limits is incredible and I haven’t seen this kind of capability, love and dedication till date in any other mom and grand mom amongst the people I know.

At this point of life and age, I should have taken care of you and given you the attention but instead you are taking care of me like a kid again. You feel my pain although you yourself are in pain and stress. You make delicious food for me, you make me bath, you take care of my medications, you make sure I get all the rest and recover from my pain before you go. Thanking you would be stupid because I know love and care can never be thanked enough and I love you respect you with all my heart always. Pray to be always born as your kid all over again and again and have only you as my mother. HATS OFF to you mom. You’re truly supermom for me.

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