Top Trending and Hilarious Tweets on #gonnatellmykids

Author: Rutuja Bhansali, Features Writer, Miss Zesty

Top trending tweets on #gonnatellmykids

  1. Gonna tell my kids, he’s Jesus


  1. Gonna Tell My Kids,This Guy is Real Hero In Norway, a Muslim young man didn’t tolerate the blasphemy of the Quran. He attacked the rasict and saved the Quran from burning. Salute to his bravery


  1. Nokia took their logo idea from here


  1. He is George R. R. Martin


  1. This actor make me laugh without any adult jokes…


  1. Gonna tell my kids he survived game of thrones


  1. This is president of SK Kim Namjoon dancing at the Airport lounge.


  1. Gonna tell my kids this is Thor’s Hammer.


  1. That’s next level.


  1. That he was National Secretary of India.

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