“Kids are grown-up, now I am stress-free”-DOES THIS REALLY HAPPEN? By Shaheen Ara, Senior Features Writer, Miss Zesty

Kids are grown-up, now I am stress-free”DOES THIS REALLY HAPPEN?


Kids are a part of parent’s life in fact the most important ones. You can say they are the only one we think about all the time once we become parents. Our world starts revolving around them. Each and every step we take in our lives is somehow related to kids and their future even our career. We start planning for them right from the point we hear about their existence. No one can ever understand the unconditional selfless love parents have for their child. Parents forget themselves completely and what matters to them is only their kid’s happiness, sorrows, achievements, failures, success and their bright future.

As a kid I have seen my parents saying several times-

    • Once you get qualified, we’ll be free.
    • Once you find a job we’ll be relaxed.
  • Once you get married, we’ll be stress free from your side. BUT DOES THIS REALLY HAPPEN? “NO”. At least I haven’t seen my parents stress-free till date. They always had and now also have some dreams, some expectations, some plans to worry about regarding my siblings and me. While I was in my school, they very stressed for my boards. After it, they were stressed for my college admission. Then for PG, my job, my marriage. Everytime I heard the same thing from them, once this thing happens properly, we’ll start thinking about ourselves. But I guess that day didn’t come yet and will surely not come. Earlier it was just us but now its me, my husband and my kids. Now they are even more concerned regarding their daughter and son-in-law life, their grandkids present and future.



I sometime try to hide my problems with them, so that they don’t get stressed. I tell them to stop being worried about us and start thinking about yourself, your health and future. Let us fight our life-battles now independently and find solutions to it. But they are still worried about us and in fact after becoming parents also we look-up for their suggestions and guidance whenever it’s a tough time for us. Then, I realized it’s not only them but we kids also everytime search for parent’s assistance to our problems. We don’t want to grow-up and don’t let them be free.

As a parent I find myself as their reflection. When I heard about my first baby, I started planning for his requirements. After his birth regarding the rituals to be done for him. Similarly, his first birthday, first school day and the list go on. That very moment I realized that even I m doing the same thing and I can’t stop myself from worrying and planning for him. This feeling of love and concern is natural no matter how much our kids grow-up, they are always kids for us. We are always ready to fulfill their dreams even before they say. We plan and we work hard, have sleepless nights concerning about them till our last breath.

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