How, Why And Where Is T.V Disappearing From Children’s Minds? Article by Soham Jategaonkar

Soham Jategaonkar, Editor, KIDDIANS

T.V is disappearing from the minds of young children. Most of us are hesitant to agree, but children are substituting television for ‘better’ entertainment…

So here is an article explaining how, why and where is T.V disappearing from children’s minds?

The main reason children are opting against T.V, is not because there are better forms of entertainment available, it is because of the influence of peers and parents. Seeing 15+ shows is a lot ‘cooler’ and ‘high-rated’ than watching random repeats on television. Dads watching  Netflix is what children want to do too.

So yeah T.V. isn’t cool anymore. But then, there are other contributing factors too, mainly advertisements and content. On T.V., my awesome movie will be interrupted by a random advertisement while on Netflix, not only the movie will be ad-free, but I can even skip the boring parts!

On T.V, most of the stuff streaming is a Saas-Bahu serial or something completely outdated and senseless. Amazon Prime has the latest episode Family Man. way better than crying Balika

Ok, I am being serious now. T.V. has TOO many ads, boring repeats and NONSENSE content. Let us take Hotstar for example. You pay INR 999 for an year and enjoy special shows, movies months before T.V. and awesome stuff. You even have news channels as well.

YouTube gives you the freedom to watch, share and listen to anything that your heart desires. You even have American gals doing Desi Jugaad on camera! ‘5-minute crafts’ is what they call it. You want to experience what it feels like to hate money, you have Mr Beast!

So why, why, o’ great being, would you watch T.V? I need to stop watching Gladiator! It’s influencing my writing too!

After all, T.V. is indeed endangered. It is being run over by many better services, and they know that. That is why we see ‘Amazon Prime Video’ as the digital sponsor and not ‘Tatasky’ in newer movies.

See you later, T.V…

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