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Moving On With Scars – Short Story by Ayati Gupta and Aastha

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Ayati Gupta, Storyteller, Kiddians

Arena was on her way to her soccer match when she felt a letter in her pocket which was kept by her classmates. She felt the hot tears rising in her eyes. Her heart was filled with sadness. She was usually bullied for playing soccer as she was the only girl in her school to play it. She was used to ignoring when people called her names and isolated her. But this was of a completely different level.

To Arena (the stupidest girl on earth),
you SUCK! You are a girl who is not supposed to play soccer (have you never heard of dolls). We hate you! You are the worst soccer player in the universe.
I hope you lose! loser
Shivani, Sanvi
people who are normal (unlike you)

Arena felt depression taking control over her body. Her team lost the match and similarly, her mind lost the match against the bullies.

After six years

“We are in the stadium where the soccer match between Norway and India in the category under 16 is going to happen. The captain of India, Arena, is in her locker room and is not yet arrived on the field” reported the reporter.
Arena takes out the same letter out of her locker, takes a good cry and tears the paper up as if it had harmed her.

Aastha, Correspondent, Kiddians

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