How I Follow Swachata in My Daily Life – Being Swachcha Within by SOham Jategaonkar


Soham Jategaonkar. Editor, KIDDIANS

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it- a wise man must have uttered these words of pure wisdom.


But, it is sad, that even after 73 years of independence, India’s mindset is still stuck in the 19th century. A country that has given birth to leaders, wise men and women, and great religions, still remains highly Aswach.

Now, what is Swachata, and how do I follow it? – Don’t worry; here is a compilation of how I follow Swachata in my daily life. I seriously hope this essay manages to inspire you- my reader and many other fellow Indians. I hope this essay, manages to express Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings on Swachata, not only in the physical dimensions, but even spiritually, and cleanliness of the soul. I hope this essay contributes to a better citizen, and the best India!

My journey began when I started reading and learning more about Mahatma Gandhi. His story of life, and the way he looked at life was so inspiring, that it touched my heart, and showed me the path of Swachata.

At first, I only thought about Swachata as a chore, not as a privilege. (Read on and you’ll know how Swachata is a privilege!) I thought about Swachata as keeping my country and myself clean, and I did do that. I tried to keep my country clean with my smallest contributions.

But I soon realised how little my contribution was, and that I had do to more, for my country!

So I expressed my feelings to a few of my friends, who soon helped me organise a meagre cleaning drive in my society. We tried to spread awareness about Swachata through posters.

But, this wasn’t true Swachata. I was keeping my surroundings clean, but what about myself, from my soul and heart?

I completely ignored true Swachata for a long time, and I only realised true Swachata when one of my teachers wrote a note to my parents, complaining about my rude behaviour.

I was ashamed and wanted to cry, but my parents explained and taught me how I needed to clean myself from the inside, before clearing out the outside. They taught me, that if I could change the mindsets of people and myself, I could change even a country- for the worse, like the Nazis, or for the better, like Gandhi Ji.

So I started chanting a small, peaceful prayer to god, before I slept every day, and tried to calm my inner self.

A few months later, I was the best I had ever been. Of course, I did burst into anger sometimes, but I tried to calm myself-and it worked!

Swachata was now a privilege to me- The ability to be better than oneself, is probably the best gift given by the gods to the humans. I was grateful of having this ability, and attempted to make the most of it.

I was finally aware of actual Swachata- Cleanliness to the mind and soul. I had managed to clear out most of the evils inside me. And now, my goal was clear- I had to help others clean their inner selves, so they could clean our nation, for the better.

I helped a couple of my highly-energetic and misbehaving friends, and tried to take them up the right path. Though my talks and tips weren’t perfect, it was at least somewhat better than what they were earlier.

I was proud of my small contribution to a better nation, and to this day, I continue to follow the path of Swachata.

So, to conclude, Swachata isn’t only about keeping the roads clean- It is about awakening the soul and calming the mind. Swachata is cleanliness first from the inside. The outside follows you.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.





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