It Seems Like My First Performance by Shaheen Ara, Senior Features Writer, Miss Zesty

It seems like my first performance


When your child performs first time on stage it seems like your own. The first-time child is going to face the audience all alone without parents support and it needs a lot of courage. We as parents are much more nervous than them. A lot of queries and worries keep circulating in our thoughts until it all ends up well.

  • Will he/she be able to face audience?
  • What if child gets nervous on stage and forget their steps?
  • In case anything went wrong the child will be hurted badly?


Parents facing this situation first time try to remain calm and don’t let your stress come into way of your child’s confidence. Motivate your kid and boost up their enthusiasm. You can prepare your child right from the practice session both physically and mentally. Let the child know he/she have to enjoy their day. They don’t need to take any tension or be worried. If they miss something it doesn’t matter at all there’s always a next time. No matter they didn’t succeed this time but about to learn a lot from this experience which will take them ahead in their life.

Shaheen Ara, Senior Features Writer, Miss Zesty

I remember the day when my kid was about to perform first time on stage. I had butterflies in my stomach but somewhere confident that he’ll not have stage fear because he’s already very dramatic and loves to dance. I also received good review from his teachers that he’s doing excellent in his practice session. So, this made me less tensed that might be he forget something but will definitely enjoy himself. As expected, he was smiling, enjoying, dancing and happy as compared to some of kids who were crying and got nervous seeing audience in large numbers. Seeing him happy we were equally happy. We were eagerly waiting to hug him, kiss him, love him and make him realize how proud we are of him. When he returned back, he had his own stories and experiences to tell us about the evening. He was glad to hear his parents saw his performance and loved it. He was much happier to hear that we are going out for a small ice-cream treat for celebrating his good and confident performance. Kids always love to be pampered and it’s an easy way parents can shower their love on them and encourage them for facing further events.


You can always make your child feel special by taking them out for a small treat whether the performance was good or not. This makes your child feel pampered and good about them and leaves a positive impact on them regarding such events. This make them ready mentally for the new ventures coming up into their life. They will always have a good vision of such events & competitions in their school. They will not be afraid of facing competitions from next time. In fact, they will be happily waiting for the events and enjoy them full-heartedly thinking they will get to enjoy with their parents and favourite meal after participation.

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