Challenges and Thoughts Faced by a Girl in Her Late 20’s by Rutuja Bhansali

  1. Girls in my age needs support of her family in whatever decision they take.
  2. In 21st century also, some families think a girl should get married as soon as she completes her graduation and just stop learning further.
  3. “Kya zarurat hai aage padhai karneki, ek baar shaadi ho jaye phir pati ke ghar jake jo karna hai wo kar”!
  4. Self Decision making power drowns because of family and peer pressure.
  5. In a family there’s generation gap which results in disagreeing on a topic from both the sides.
  6. Girls are still struggling to be the boy of a family, Why can’t a girl just be a girl and make you proud? Why do she has to prove herself equal to a boy for lifetime?
  7. If you breakup, you are not capable of loving someone again or getting love again.
  8. “You have lost your virginity, you are a slut”. STOP! just think before you call her a slut, You never know the other side so just STOP being judgmental.
  9. You being in love with someone truely cannot even hold his hand in public, because people around you stare at you,only at you and not at the guy, making you feel as if you are standing naked before everyone.
  10. You cannot wear shorts / one piece, just because the men out there stare at your skin as if it is a piece of flesh which is now ready to feed anyone.

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