Life begins at 40

Who says life stops at 40?In fact,40 is the new 20!!! More and more women are realizing this and have inspirational stories to share. Women by the time cover around 4 decades of their lives, have gained enough wisdom, have toiled really hard, have seen lots of ups and downs and believe me life has literally turned them into a toughie. They are fierce, won’t take things lying down and do not give a damn to what society thinks; so don’t mess with them 😁Follow these tips and discover a new you.

Follow your passion : You have done it all; got married, raised kids, taught them, taken care of the family, seen to it that things were going well and what not all. But in all these things, where were you? Find time for yourself. Each one of us have a secret passion that brings us happiness. Pursue that. Join dance classes, take music lessons, go for swimming, read and write, take that artist out in you or whatever introduces you to yourself and makes you happy.

Look beyond your kids : We as mothers are very particular, discreet, extra cautious and many other like adjectives when it comes to kids. They have been nurtured with great love and care. You have taught them enough. You have put your heart and soul in them. Their wings are gaining strength to fly and soar the sky. Stop running after them. Make sure you are there when they turn around for guidance, support, love and help but don’t cling. Do not prepare the road for them, instead make them ready to walk on the road.

Stop pleasing others :You have devoted your golden years to your spouse, kids, in-laws, friends and everyone. Even after all the care and love you still have to explain or prove anything to them, stop blaming yourself or your fate. After all everyone does not have good taste 😝

Stay in touch with your parents : We are blessed to have loving hands of our parents on our heads. If you stay close to them or in the same city, visit them regularly . If this is not possible, call them daily and talk to them. Nothing would cheer them more than just a reassurance that their kids care for them.

Pamper yourselves-Take spa sessions, make some salon buddy and enjoy sessions jointly, buy yourself good stuff, travel and be independent. Take a new hair cut or try a new clothing style. Shun the old you and discover a new one.

Take care of your health: Nothing is more important than that. Summarizing few important things :

  • Declutter your mind and prioritize your life. After all a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.
  • Have preventive health checks depending on what your doctor recommends based on your health conditions. Take regular dental examination (it’s painful and expensive if problem is not nipped in the bud😀).
  • Take one hour at least for exercise – pick what interests you and suits your body; yoga, cardio workouts, zumba classes, aerobics….
  • Take a healthy diet- Be careful with what you eat. Calcium and phosphorus for bones , potassium and magnesium for fluid balance and nerve and muscle signal and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a fibre rich diet for healthy colon and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Consult your gynecologist- Take regular breast examination ( if you don’t know the mirror test, ask your gynecologist). Get a pap smear done once a year and HPV screening as per your doctor’s recommendation. Prevention is always better than cure. Talk to your doctor if you have menstrual issues.

Enjoy, take care and love a healthy you.

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