Friends and Enemies- A Short Story about Bullying

The bed creaked as he placed his heavy foot atop the cracked floor tile. The atmosphere was as dense and dull as his thoughts. He knew the truth- It would happen again. He would have to go through the pain and trauma of bullying again and again and again. He had been overshadowed and harassed for months now…

With half a burnt soul, Arihant did his daily chores and left for school. The ride to school was worse than hell for Arihant. Vivaan and his gang had already torn one of his notebooks. The fact that he was, and had been, completely ignored made the wound deeper than the deepest.

He had thought about being the whistle-blower on this torturous operation, but just the thought of how Vivaan, could make his life worse, if he complained, made him shy away. But when Vivaan along with his ‘friends’ spat on his face, his heart burnt and he decided to avenge this act.

Arihant decided to confront him. He cursed and abused Vivaan. Obviously, Vivaan’s dignity was violated. Vivaan hit back with a hard punch on his face. Arihant’s face started bleeding, but he never gave up. Instead of fighting back, he stood up and asked in the softest voice-“Will you be my friend, Vivaan? I know you need someone…”

Vivaan was laughing at first, but Arihant’s words struck a chord with him- This was the first person ever to reach for friendship with him. In fact, he started bullying to grab more attention, in an attempt to lure friends.

Vivaan’s heart had melted and he couldn’t refuse- He immediately apologised for his acts and soon, the duo was known as the ‘Taj Mahal’ of friendship, that begun over a pack of Doritos.

After 12 years, the still say- Friendship is life’s true way…

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