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Earn your friends, save the butter for bread!

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Earn your friends, save the butter for bread!


  • Relations being made only for favours never survive. Don’t tolerate irrelevant behaviour just to be a part of a group. Earn a respectful image in eyes of your friends, be someone that they willingly want to be your friends not just because of buttering.
  • Buttering neither gives you respect nor let you offer your individual opinion. It’s far much better to be alone with dignity. Trust me guys dignified person may be alone for some time but when achieves something gains respect & friends and then is never alone in life.
  • People who love buttering others better use their efforts for uplifting their future and standards. Till when such people be able to survive this way. Is it possible to everytime praise others just to become one of them and that too when you hate them in reality? You want their friendship you want to be their part but instead of earning it, you start buttering and when they don’t entertain it you start bitching around them. How can you expect respect from others when you’re not respecting yourself?
  • These people unwillingly indulge with certain groups of people just because they are at a prestigious position and whenever they need anything, they could easily use them. If in case, they ignore or refuse them to help they become the biggest monsters for them.
  • On contrary, they are friends to another circle only to bitch about them or to have a beneficiary substitute when no one is available to hang-out with them.
  • No need to be in hurry take time in making friends because once it’s there, its forever no matter you have small issues because it starts with respect and not any buttering or not in expectation of getting any favour. Be in touch not for any favours but genuinely care and respect for each other full-heartedly.
  • Remember every relation need time to grow. Don’t instantly expect from anyone to trust you and give a special place in their lives or choose a wrong path like buttering. This gives you only few hours attention not a lifetime committed relations.

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