Apologize to Your Child When You Make a Mistake!

Apologize to your child when you make a mistake!

We often guide our child to be apologetic to others then why not to us? Just because we are parents? We do everything right and not anything wrong. Thinking this way is wrong. When we expect an apology from our kid for us then we should be doing the same and not take it on our ego. After all kids learn from us first.

Showing attitude to them will indulge the same behaviour in them and they will do same thing with us once they grow. Same attitude remains when they become parents, thinking that elders/parents behave this way only and they too can shout on their kids and do anything they want.

Making an apology to your kid doesn’t make you small in anyway. It’s not that they will not respect you anymore. Dear, parents mark my words this apologetic behaviour will always bring more closer to your child emotionally. They too will learn to be sorry for any mistake they make either with you or with someone else. Rather being egoistic bossy parents, try being friendly to them and think the way they do.

Many cases you get to see the kid only listens to one of the parents. This happens because either mom or dad shares all emotions with them whether its loving, correcting, scolding, pampering, playing and being apologetic. On the other hand, the parent not doing all these things with kid always becomes a substitute only. When such a parent doesn’t apologize to kid, they do the same the next time with them. In this anger parents do get rude and so as the kid in response. This ultimately, ruin their relationship. So, it’s always important to build up a polite bond with the kid step by step and make them learn good aspects of apology. When this happens, they don’t take your scolding negatively rather will understand they made a mistake that’s why they are getting punished.

Whenever your child doesn’t apologize to you, remain calm and don’t force to them at that very anger moment. Talk to them later or let any other person talk, to whom kid would listen calmly and say sorry willingly and understand his/her mistake.

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