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It’s time to make them learn! Blog by Shaheen Ara, Senior Features Writer

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It’s time to make them learn!


As a mother we make baby depend on us right from the beginning. But then time comes when we need to make them aware of certain things like doing pee and potty at toilet and not wherever they want. Most importantly making them get rid of diaper convenience area. This requires much more patience in mothers. So, don’t begin late start within early months/ year with calm.


  • Firstly, never to use diapers for a new born child. It’s quite harsh for their sensitive skin. You can always start using from 2nd month or when you start taking child out with you. Otherwise avoid as much as you can.
  • Never use diapers whenever you are at home or some other homely place. Let them be free and enjoy.
  • If you avoided diapers from beginning, you’ll face less problems but if kid is addicted to diapers, mom will need to pull up their socks. They have to really face a hard time but don’t panic yourself and baby.
  • Begin with day-time diaper free routine if you made them wear it for whole day in initial months. Keep a check on time whenever baby consume water or any liquid product. After consuming liquid or within every half an hour take baby to toilet for pee and make him/her do it. It may be problematic with some babies, they may get cranky for first time but later on they’ll learn to do so.
  • Once the kid starts to pee in toilet take him after every half an hour there and make them understand patiently that they need to inform you before pee. Every kid says one or the word regarding pee and potty that a mother can definitely understand. Initially, baby may forget to inform but ultimately, child learns to inform after continuous reminder.
  • Once, the kid is settled with day routine try for night -time. But at night neither baby nor you can be following the day-time strategy. So, let him/her sleep with diapers at night while practicing day-time strategy. Slowly build up their mind regarding not pee on bed at night time too.
  • Don’t make the kid go to bed before going to toilet. No drinking water just before the sleep or in between the sleep.
  • Night time adjustment may take longer time but will eventually happen. You can always keep a check on diaper when baby wakes up in the morning. Slowly, baby stop peeing in diaper. When this happen let them sleep without diapers.
  • You don’t need to put extra efforts for potty training when they are already acknowledged about peeing in toilet.
  • Now, coming to travel point. It also happens eventually itself with time. Kids don’t like peeing/potty in diapers when they get used to toilets. You’ll not even realize when your child learns to travel with diapers. So, focus on initial steps and the rest will happen smoothly. Start the training as early as possible because the more late you start, the more late they will learn.

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