BRO-IN-LAW: that one friend at new home😊

BRO-IN-LAW: that one friend at new home😊


We always discuss about the criticism and negativity we face at in-law place and forget about the good relation we get blessed along with our life partner. One such bond we share is with our bro-in-law.

They are cute, sweet, adorable, naughty and a person who makes you laugh. This person is frank with you even more prior than your better-half. Having such a bro-in-law, I feel blessed. He’s never into that tag of being typical ‘devar’. Always fun-loving and never let me miss my lil bro.

We rarely have that sort of typical serious discussions otherwise we always emphasis on each other’s future plans may be its a career or personal life. Yes, just like all other “devar-bhabi” we have all those naughty discussions regarding crushes and girlfriends. Being shy at nature he’s always gets bullied by me but never complaints.

I always wanted to have friend at in -law home just like my mom and bro with whom I can share my problems and challenges with new people and new place. With god’s grace he’s the one with whom I can gossip even about my beloved hubby also. Regardless of being partial, he’s very supportive towards me and always stands for what is actually correct. He is close to his brother from the beginning and now is my buddy too.

Although he’s younger to both of us still we both gel-up with him very well. Certain times when he’s shy of his brother, he approaches me, and this again make me realize that we three of us share a special bond together. One of the good gestures of him apart from others that made us good buddies, he never underestimated my calibre just because I am a woman. He’s much supportive to me as much my beloved partner does. Taking opportunity of this esteem blog, I would like to thank you my buddy for always being there an emotional support. Praying for a lifetime bond with you in the same way. Wishing you all the happiness in life.

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