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Tackle Motion Sickness While Travelling by Surbhi Bansal

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It’s Diwali time and that means not just fun and frolic but also travelling. Of lately, Indians have become quite vacation friendly with travel industry getting a boost. But whats the hitch here is that many of us suffer from motion sickness.

Motion sickness is quite common. It leads to nausea, vomitting, dizziness and uneasiness. It can even be hereditary and run in families(like mine 🙂 ) However , don`t let it dampen the spirit and follow these tips to enjoy the trip. But before that, it becomes imperative for us to know that motion sickness is caused when there is conflicting signs received by nervous system by inner ear, eyes and other sensory receptors.

1.There are some over-the counter medicines available. Take it around one and half hour before the start of the journey. Some of these can cause drowsiness so talk to your doctor first and plan accordingly especially if you are driving.

2.Do not travel immediately after a heavy meal. Eat light. Do not travel empty stomach too- this can be disastrous too.

3.Do not eat greasy, spicy food. Keep munching on the way- light salted crackers, something sweet like jam.Chewing gum can relieve motion sickness too.

4.Do not read while travelling. This is a very common mistake travellers do to distract themselves. Instead look outside the window in the same direction of travelling over the horizon at some distant object.

5.Preferable close your eyes and take a nap.

6.While flying, request for a seat over the wings and on the window.Do not sit in the front or back of the plane. If possible sit in the front seat of the car.

  1. Pack some tangy candies like orange ,pepermint and lime flavoured. Sip lemonade on the way. This helps when feeling uneasy.

8.Take in fresh cool air. Avoid strong odours.

9.While travelling in a plane, always see that your seat has a sickness bag or request for one. Carry small hand towels for washing and wiping if you are travelling by car. Never forget to pack some kind of disposable bags in case you throw up.

So this Diwali do not hesitate to either meet your loved ones or take a holiday. Travel, enjoy, eat and Laugh. Bon Voyage !!!!

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