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If You Feel C-section Is Very Facile, Think Again! by Shaheen Ara, Senior Features Writer, Miss Zesty

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If you feel C-section is very facile, think again!

C-section seems a very soothing and relaxing situation to many ladies especially who have normal delivery. I heard many of these mothers saying that they went through a lot of trouble for many hours while labour pain, but it may have been very easier for you because you had a C-section. Through the esteem column of this blog I would like to request such ladies to please go through C-section once and experience the enjoyment. You felt the pain for hours, but I went through it for years.

Ladies stop being bitchy. When its your pain then it was a difficult phase and still it is. But when it comes to others why being so judgmental! Giving birth is equally painful and difficult for all mothers no matter how the baby was born.

If we go into the details medically, C-section is much more painful, health degrading and need longer time to recover. But our judgmental ladies say mothers choose C-section way to escape from pain. If you had gone through it, you wouldn’t have thought of saying it even in your dreams.

  • I experienced it and lived the pain so I can guarantee the severity of the situation. I had to sleep straight for 48 hours without food and single drop of water after surgery. In fact, for surgery also I had to avoid food and water many hours before.
  • I couldn’t move or even hold my baby. It felt like being paralysed. I couldn’t turn to any side and didn’t have strength to even lift my back up. Stitches pain in my lower abdomen were unbearable.
  • I was literally crying and pledged not to have baby again it was that breath taking. It was painful to an extent that even pain killers couldn’t make me feel good. I was given sleeping injections so that I could sleep and not feel the pain.
  • Anaesthesia injections given into my spinal area turned into blisters I couldn’t wear post pregnancy belt. It took me 2-3 days to sit up and hold my baby.
  • Being late in feeding clogged the breast milk and became very painful to feed my infant. I was screaming it was that painful. But then through certain methods it was healed, and I started to feed my baby. I couldn’t walk without anyone’s support.
  • Upper skin stitches healed within 7-8 days and were cut but internally it took me almost two years to overcome the uneasiness and trauma.
  • Body pain was extreme and felt very much weakness everytime. Feeding my kid for 2yrs made me lose all my body calcium. I had to wake whole night to feed my baby. I couldn’t sleep or take rest properly.
  • There are many these and those to this sensitive matter that cannot be summarized in one blog. One can always survey around or consult doctors for details. So, next time you judge any mother especially who went through C-section think again!

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