Oh Come On! We All Mumble in The Kitchen

We do a lot of things that go unappreciated in the house and that’s okay. I mean, we do what we want to and stuff like that. But it just occurred to me that one of the things that goes unappreciated in the house is cooking.

We cook all the damn time.  From breakfast to snacks, from snacks to lunch, from lunch to dinner and some more demands, we cook at least thrice a day, 365 days in an year.

Now we might know some women, who absolutely love cooking but then there are some like me. I do like to cook for my family but sometimes, it’s just a task.

See, I was having  conversation/light argument with my husband and then he went to his room and I went into the kitchen and that’s when I started… I started mumbling, ‘Nobody in this house helps, ye de do, woh dedo, karna kuch hai nhi, koi help nhi,’

And obviously my mumbling was a little louder then usual and my husband came back and asked, ‘What!’

Obviously I told him that I was talking to myself but that’s when I realised that I mumble while cooking, not always but quite often. I would keep on doing all the work, frying, kneading the flour with some extra strength, washing vegetables or something and I would keep on mumbling.

There have been times, when my husband has walked in to the kitchen and asked me, ‘Who are you talking to?’

Sometimes, I am just recalling stuff, ‘I need to pay for this class; clothes need to be ironed, hmmm may be I will just send them out for ironing, I have got other things to do…

I have seen my mom doing, especially when she was upset with us. I have seen a lot of women around me mumble while cooking. The thing is, I don’t have a problem with cooking, In fact it works well for me to be alone in the kitchen then just mumble random stuff that is irritating me while cooking. I enjoy talking while I cook, so most of the times, I am on a video call with my mom or my mom in law when I cook, or I talk to myself. I enjoy it!

Talking to myself while cooking has often served as a stress buster for me, I like being in my company. In fact I feel, I cook better when I talk to myself. One thing is for sure, I am never silent in the kitchen, if I am not talking, then I am singing, and that my friend can be worse 😛

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