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“MOM and DAD”, I broke all the norms because you both always believed in me!

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“MOM and DAD”, I broke all the norms because you both always believed in me!

  • I always did and still try to make my parents proud of me to my best extent. I have always been their reason of pride and will make efforts in continuing so till their and my last breath. I never let them give a thought of their decision of loving, supporting, motivating their daughter just like their son in fact more than him.
  • I put up this blog not only to enlighten hardships of my parents but to all parents who always stood and will stand up with their daughters in their ups and down and make us strong to face troublesome situations.
  • Dear daughters, it’s our duty to keep up our parent’s faith and not leave them alone when they need us. It’s very easy to place your choice in front of them and force them to nod on it willingly or unwillingly. But it needs lot of courage to fill-up their wishes and respect their choices for your life. Stand with them in their difficult times as they did, if not financially but emotionally you can always. That much is enough for them.
  • Being parents of two daughters they always got to hear all sarcastic things from so-called educated and developed society. They were always being told not to prioritize daughters as it’s of no use and benefit to them in future. Their priority should be focusing on giving birth to a boy who will eventually raise their hereditary name and we daughters are born just to get married and are financially a burden on them.
  • But besides all the cheap and useless advices they got they always recommended to up bring their daughters with full love and dedication. They were always in pride of having daughters and believed their daughters will achieve whatever a son can. They always first visualized for our bright, successful, independent career and then for marriage. Their ideology for daughter’s life was not only to get married and settle.
  • Later on, with god’s grace we were gifted with a cute brother not because they wanted a son for their old age, but we wanted a sibling.
  • We were being instigated by others that now things will change my parent’s priority will change on arrival of my brother. But my parents proved them wrong again, “we were, and we are still their darlings”. I don’t remember a single moment in this regard in fact we were being more pampered from then.
  • Everytime I saw my parents hearing the stupid speeches regarding daughters I got angry. But my parents always smiled towards such people and said time will tell you what our daughter can be? It made me always feel good and blessed to have such parents. They always said, “let them say whatever they want it never affects us and so should not to you”. They never left their belief and hope. That belief made me whatever I am today. The faith my parents always kept in me keep me going and face struggles in my life.
  • When those people couldn’t find an alternate to underestimate my parents, they started taunting my parents regarding my sibling having a love marriage. At that point of time these people got an opportunity to instigate my parents to stop my studies and get me married early so that I couldn’t find one to love. Marrying to such a guy who’s not at all worthy of me in regards of qualification, job, looks, etc. According to them, I had lost right of a good living and having a good partner just because my sibling has made a big crime by marrying his/her beloved.
  • They made all their efforts to put my parents and me down. They tried best to prove my parents support wrong in providing a good, equality, respectful life to a daughter. Beyond all these my parents still stood firmed for me. They instead sent me to another new city for my higher studies all alone giving an untouched tight slap on their face.
  • That day I promised myself not to break their faith in me and give an another untouch tight slap on their face with my success. It feels like even god took vengeance on behalf of my parents by blessing me with a lovingly, caring, respected and successful life-partner and in-laws which obviously was not all fruitful for our enemies.Still confront such people from varied places but they couldn’t stop me reaching my goals. With god’s grace and my parents and husband’s support I still fail such people’s in their perceptions and ideology. In fact, these people mould their perception with my success. They get jealous, helpless because I don’t get discouraged with their opinions. I guess this the most subtle way of answering such people rather than having an argument with them.

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