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Bullying – Murder of Innocent Hearts by Soham Jategaonkar (Editor, KIDDIANS)

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Soham Jategaonkar, Editor, KIDDIANS

Bullying is an issue that is becoming increasingly troubling day by day. Today, we need to learn how to combat this sin in the most effective and efficient manner.

Bullying is common in schools. Adults too are victims of bullying, but here, we will hold solving this case for children as our priority.

Bullying can mainly be blamed on feelings of insecurity caused due to reasons such as divorced parents, harsh siblings and bullies themselves. All of this along with physical and emotional stress generally fuels bullies. In other words, bullying is a reflection of what he or she may be facing in his/her own lives.

Bullies are known to target emotionally sensitive and emotional, silent children. This simply violates a victim’s dignity, and in some cases, it even drives children to end their lives. Bullying often makes the victim a bully as well.

We need to make our schools battle ready to tackle this evil. The first step to do this would be to make children aware about bullying and it’s affects. It is definitely sad to see that children don’t even realise that they are bullying or being bullied. Sessions about bullying need to be conducted in schools and residencies too. This is the first step towards an equal and bullying-free environment.

The second step would be harder, but is probably the most essential step of all. We need to analyse a child’s mental health regularly. Certain surveys to check a child’s mental conditions should be conducted to make sure that the child’s companions are not mentally harassing him or her. If such a thing is happening, then it should be immediately stopped, as it could pave the path for more aggressive behavior among children.

All of these were safeguards trying to prevent bullying, but what if a child is being bullied? How can we stop this? Well, that is the third step-

The third step is encouraging victims of bullying to speak up. Victims are scared to do so as they are blackmailed through certain aspects like physically hurting a person and even blackmailing through specific pieces of information.

Because of this, they never speak up and even if they do, then the complainant’s identity is generally revealed, which makes them prone to more bullying. Their identity needs to be kept confidential. Schools and other elders should attempt to catch the bully red-handed. Victims should also be provided with counseling to help them. The victim should also be awarded for being the whistle blower. This will help in assuring victims and will maybe give a reason for why not to bully.

Now that the victim is caught, let’s talk about the bully- he needs help too, and that would be the fourth step.

The bully requires consultation too. His companions and family should be talked too, and the root of this violent attitude should be found.

The biggest mistakes after catching a bully are abandoning and harshly punishing him or her. Instead, a way to make a bully more compassionate and understanding like serving at an old age home or working with underprivileged children and an attempt to get him to gel along with everyone else should be undertaken. Failing to do so may make the bully feel worse, and the cycle starts again. After all a bully in school is also a child like others and there is high probability that he/she does not even know the repercussions of what they are doing. They are in dire need of help via their parents, teachers and community to understand their emotions and actions.








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