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9 Beautiful Colours Kurtis To Wear During The Navratri Festival

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Navratri Festival is one of the festivals that is celebrated in almost every part of India. It is the longest festival of all time and celebrated for 9 long days. Each day of the Navratri represents different avatar of Divine Goddess Durga. This festive is celebrated twice a year but the one that comes in October is very special. On these days, people cook special food and dress up in beautiful ways. And the best part about this occasion is that it is celebrated in different parts of the country in different ways.

Women love to wear different styles of attires during this festival, but out of all, kurti for women is counted as the most comfortable one. So is it fine to wear any kurti on this occasion? No! You can try different colours during the Navratri festival. So here are 9 colours that are perfect for this festival. Slide down and have a look!

  1. Orange Kurti:

Orange Kurti.jpg

As you know, Goddess Durga is worshipped for nine days, but do you know why it is done? To bring good luck and prosperity to your life. The very first day of the Navratri is known as Ghastasthapana. It is the best way to start the festival. It is said that orange colour is perfect for it. The Orange Kurti will help you to feel energetic and cheerful.

  1. White Kurti:

White Kurti.jpg

The White is one of the soberest colour and is perfect for the Navratri time. It is sober and helps you to feel peaceful. The white kurtis for women will look perfect on the Brahmacharini day. You will help you to get religious vibes and attract prosperity. These kurti will create balance and therefore, to add some edge, you can pick it with some pink and orange touch.

  1. Green Kurti:

Green Kurti.jpg

Green Kurti are said to be perfect for Sashti day of the Navratri. It is a cheerful colour and reflects the greatness of nature. The colour represents the Katyayani Goddess, who is the daughter of Katya. This colour will help to feel free and happy. Also, this kurti will look perfect on every women, just choose the right shade of it.

  1. Grey Kurti:

Grey Kurti.jpg

Grey is a balanced colour that makes you feel creative. The grey Kurti has all the perfection that you must be looking for during the Navratri season. This colour represents the Goddess Kalratri, who protects you front dark and black nights. It will help you to remove negativity and attract happiness.

  1. Blue Kurti:

Blue Kurti.jpg

Blue Kurti is known for the watery vibes that helps you to get the empowering vibes. This colour represents the Kushmanda Goddess that helps you to laugh and handle everyone gently. This colour also helps you to feel powerful and fight from the world. Blue Kurti will suit every skin colour, just pick its right shade.

  1. Peacock Green Colour Kurti:

Peacock Green Colour Kurti.jpg

Peacock Green colour is very beautiful and gives you the contemporary vibes. It is very bright and has a little touch of yellow in it. It is said that peacock green kurti will be perfect for the Goddess as she bestows prosperity on all her devotees. These kurtis will help you to shine in the rest.

  1. Red Kurti:

Red Kurti.jpg

Red Kurti is empowering and helps you to feel warm. It grabs a lot of attention and makes you feel perfect in every sense. This colour represents the Goddess Chandraghanta, who is known for her bravery and fortitude. Through this kurti, you will be able to reflect all these things. Also, red kurtis looks perfect on every women so you don’t have to worry about how you will look.

  1. Yellow Kurti:

Yellow Kurti.jpg

Yellow is the brightest colour and helps you to get the energetic vibes. It is associated with Skandamata Goddess, the mother of Kartikeya. By wearing the yellow kurti during Navratri, you will be able to attract peace and prosperity to your life. Also, this colour will help you to get blessings for this goddess.

  1. Purple Kurti:

Purple Kurti.jpg

Purple Kurti is contemporary and helps you to represent the Goddess Gauri. It is a powerful colour that purifies your life by removing the sin from it. This colour is very dark so a pinch of white will help to create balance with this kurti. You will feel bold in your purple kurti.

Each colour worn during the Navratri festival represents one or another Goddess. By wearing these colours, you will be able to get blessings from all of them. Kurtis for women are comfortable and each colour adds different vibes to it. But do you know how to style them? No? Then simply keep these points in your mind:

  • Look Vibrant as boring styling will keep you dull.
  • Add a Spark by adding mirrors, pearls, gota Patti, stones and other embellishment work to your kurti.
  • Bring out the Beauty Baubles by pairing your kurti with the chunky or colourful accessories.
  • Go for the right makeup as it can make a huge difference and define your overall look.
  • Add some fun additions like nail art, tattoos, hair colours and more.

Well, now you know accessories also define your look. So choose the right kurti for each day of this occasion and don’t forget to pick the right accessories with it. The styling with the right colour of kurti will help you to get the perfect festive Vibes.

Happy Navratri to you!


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