Will He Be Able To Manage Alone?

Will he be able to manage alone?

It was the first day of school and he was just 2years old. Like all moms, I was extremely nervous for my baby in fact more than him. I was surrounded by many queries and worries. How will he manage? Will he able to adjust there? Will teachers be cooperative? Will they understand his problems and take his tantrums as I do?………………..

My son couldn’t speak-up properly till then. He used words to express what he wants but not able to phrase whole sentence. But as a mother I would understand meaning of his every gesture. This was top amongst the worry list because if someone behaves badly with him there, he won’t be able to express. He’s very delicate at heart and immediately starts crying if someone talks to him rudely or even give a tensed expression.

I was literally crying inside as if it was my first day. I was happy definitely for my kids first step towards his bright future but somewhere deep in my heart feeling very low. It felt like someone taking him away from me. Initially, I was making excuses that I will send him tomorrow and when tomorrow comes I would find an excuse not to send him school because of so and so reason. But then I made up mind and heart that one or the other day I have to face this day. Then, why not today or tomorrow?

And then finally ‘D’ day came, I was smiling with my hubby and son but was sinking badly inside. Although my son was very excited for going to school. Buying new bags, books, tiffin-box, uniform, colours, etc. was quite adventurous for him and a major reason to go school.

At first, he was smiling and enthusiastic to enter the school because he was unaware that mom and dad will not be with him inside school. He was actually imagining it as one of the trips we used to go together. But after few moments when we saw he got engaged with toys and other kids we slowly moved out of the school premises. My husband left for office, but I was there at gate waiting to see his reaction. After few minutes he noticed we were not there. He was looking here and there but didn’t cry. I was relieved at that moment that he might handle the situation. But later on, he left all the toys and was quietly standing behind a wall. I could see his upset face looking for me and his dad. I was constantly peeping through school gate to see him and suddenly he saw me, and his emotions busted out with tears loudly and ran towards me. Seeing this I too was crying very much but I had to hold myself and let him handle it all alone.

It repeated constantly every day and he used to shout at an extent that blocked his voice badly. He took a week to settle down, so I had to stand every day at gate for 2hrs waiting for him whether it was raining or a hot day. Now, he started crying seeing the school gate and it became more difficult to send him school.

But gradually he understood that he has to go school no matter how much he cries. And finally, he settled I was happy but coming back home alone was very depressing. I couldn’t enter my house it was all dull and waiting at home all alone was very miserable I missed him badly and waited for him to return. I started indulging myself in my studies or household chores and got used to stay without him for 2hrs.

He started loving going to school even on holidays and now I have to convince him for not going to school when its week-off. Within a month, I could see lot of good changes and confidence in my son. He started speaking properly a whole sentence. He became more expressive and indulged in group activities. He learnt to share things which a single child doesn’t like to do often.

A lot of good remarks received from his mentors. All thanks to a good, patient and co-operative teacher he met. Through this phase of my life I learnt a lot of things about my kid and let him go from Mumma’s comfort lap to face a new and competitive world. We both became stronger emotionally.

Kids are always capable of facing every situation but we as a mother are always over possessive to let them do things alone which make them dependent.

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