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Once upon a time in a far away land, lived a baby named Fleur. She was as pretty as Snow white, had a kind heart like Cinderella and was as brave as Bella (No, she did not have a wicked stepmother). She was born to a modest, humble hard working couple who lived in the lap of nature. No one knew, but they were bestowed by the forest fairies some magical gifts for protecting their habitat from destruction by evil humans. The couple was elated by the birth of Fleur and they raised her with all the love and care.

However, the toil of raising a baby soon started to take it`s toll on them. Between feeding, burping, changing and sleepless nights, they hardly had the time to go and fetch supplies for her ever changing size. The vexed parents dug their closet and found a crystal ball gifted by fairy. As they gazed into it looking for answers, they stumbled upon what looked alien to them- ‘‘. But what surprised them the most was the variety, prices and the ease of ‘anytime, anything, anywhere‘. The perplexed couple knocked on the door of Tech fairy. She gladly explained the various facets of what is called online shopping and had the necessary set up for them and thus they were introduced to a magical world.

Viola!!! Their joy knew no bounds as they bought simplest to fanciest stuff, traditional and modern, basic baby supplies to toys with the ease of return and replacement if their princess didn’t like anything. As time flew and Fleur grew up, her needs increased. However now instead of fretting, her parents were able to give her choicest of school supplies with just a click. Bags, pouches, pens, pencils, erasers, bottles, colours, notebooks, she named it and they had it.

Good sense prevailed and the parents were smart enough to set aside a limited amount each time they spent and stuck to that. Unknowing to them, they were following the premise of budget shopping and reaped the benefits viz a viz saving time, saving overspending, having money control, making the best use of their money.

Time flew by and a day came when Fleur was ready to face the world and had to step out of the comfort zone of her home and go for higher education. With a heavy heart she bade goodbye to her parents and set out for the change. But unfortunately the things didn’t go the way she thought. As her peers flaunted their cool flashy trendy things, Fleur was left behind in the fashion race. A kind girl asked Fleur to accompany her on her next shopping trip. She took her to some of the coolest shopping experiences to the lanes and by lanes of some famous markets . Fleur’s joy knew no bounds as if she had stumbled upon Alladin’s magic lamp. Not only did Fleur shopped till she dropped , but was introduced to the joys of haggling. What a satisfying experience was that for her!!! She pocketed the best of the bargains. And the cherry on the top was the scrumptious roadside eateries she savored 😋

Today, Fleur is overjoyed as she carries her bundle of joy in her arms. Time has been kind to her. She is smart and an educated woman of 20s. She has inherited from her parents wisdom, kindness and of course the family heirloom – the crystal ball. She is not a compulsive shopper and knows the difference between her needs and wants. She shops online and grasps the best festive offers and when time permits takes her kids out to shopping malls for a wonderful family time.

There she is able to get some good brands under one roof. The hustle bustle, the themed shopping and decor as per festivals, the feel good factor, the entertainment and the eating out options make it a perfect Sunday. She gets the comfort of shopping leisurely. She need not worry about the changing and feeding of her baby as such facilities are provided for in the mall. Her elder one, who is a toddler, can jump on a chuk-chuk or go to the kids play area ;she need not worry about him keeping engaged. The family at times opts for multi-tasking at the mall to optimise the time and energy. The flea market attached to the mall is the perfect place to shop for knick-knacks.

Fleur is a responsible citizen. Instead of throwing away her family`s old reusable stuff, she puts a classified advertisement on OLX or Quikr. Though she does not need the crystal ball anymore, she keeps the priced possession to herself. Clothes, toys, books, tricycle etc have been successfully used by other parents for their children.

The circle of life continues and so does the requirements. The way we fill in these, depends on our choice, expectations, needs and mood. Happy shopping !!!!

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