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What My Child’s First Month of School Taught Me – Shweta Vyas

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Like every mother the D day came. The first day of school. Felt neurotic, excited, skittish and joyous; all together. Preperations   started a month ago. List of favourite cartoon bags ,tiffin ,bottles,pencil box,all were already handed over by my little to his parents  as this was the only purpose for what he was ready to go to his new learning place. And  finally the day arrived. Opposing all my fears and  nightmares of that bawling and squalling that usually is first scene of  “ School’s First Day” Bollywood movie ,he smiled, waved cheerily and moved in. I was one of the happy mothers and felt much much fortunate to cherish his first entry in school with this happy face as I could see fellow mothers struggling hard enough to cherish that moment( Though it is more cherished when kids grow up).

With his new routine inculcating in our hours, many things went scheduled, co-ordinated  and synchronized in their own way spontaneously. Like all other kids now he was also moulding himself to wake up early, having a glass of milk in morning ( which he never had before),eating up on his own( thanks to his lovely teacher),to be more proprietorial for his things. But with this silver also came its dross. Vihaan struggled to write; even holding pencil. His notebooks came with nothing written or ‘Aided work’ which I could easily sense was written by teacher with very little efforts  made by him.

Whatsapp group messages of fellow parents sharing their kid’s notebooks filled with ‘excellent’, numerous stars and written applause added more to my trepidation. If other tots of his age could do why couldn’t  he, was first thing questioned my instinct. But then patient mother in me tried to unwrap  the root of problem.

Irrespective of whatever was going in his school we had our own small session everyday at home. Starting from just verbal repetition of alphabets and numbers we step up the ladder. Within few days he could easily make out difference between various alphabets and numbers. But written work remained same. He could not write without  assistance. With every day passing his notebook had new letters and numbers in it.  Our class continued. Slow but consistent. I started with crayons to improve his motor nerves  which help  hold and write. Steadily, he started  holding pestels and colour various shapes and figures. Our role reversals helped me get his day to day activities in class. We began cherishing our sessions now. Scribbling, clay modelling ,paper cutting all were there in order to prepare him for writing. With passage of time he started writing alphabets; though not very defined and in line but yes ,he wrote.

It’s one month of his school. I would not say he is perfect at writing but I would say he is much more than he was before a month. Life is now in genre to add few more lessons. It is upskilling me with new angles to overcome shortcomings of my kid. It is stipulating me in every aspect.Pushing me beyond my boundaries . Looking forward to more of these chronicles of motherhood, one chapter of School diaries appeared   fantastic.  Many  more lessons to learn. Many more hurdles to get through. Many more stories to write..

Happy Parenting!!!

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