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The new-born baby is too delicate and needs more attention while handling. One of the major concerns of moms is shape of baby’s head especially of new moms when your unaware of things related to baby. Here are some tips which I learnt from my mom and grand-mom and it helped me a lot and thankfully nothing went wrong while following them.

  • The top-most advice is to make a “mustard-seeds” pillow at home for baby. Just take a soft cotton cloth and fill-up with mustard seeds and stitch wisely so that seeds don’t come-out and is comfortable for baby to sleep.
  • Watch-out the position your baby constantly and make sure he/she doesn’t sleep in one-side or one-position for longer period of time. This reduces unevenness in shape of head.
  • In earlier times, mostly it was preferred to make baby lay on his back because neither his head nor his neck is too strong at that time. So, in that case you can use a baby-head shaping pillow available nowadays in market. Placing a soft-cotton cloth under baby’s neck to make it long and strong. And when a baby has strong neck and head then shaping procedure will definitely not be a problem.
  • Once the baby grows around 3-months when neck develops strength, you can easily place baby on his/her tummy for playing (but not for longer period). This trick too avoids bad-shaping of baby’s head.
  • Molded -helmets are also available. In case you couldn’t look-out for proper head shaping in initial days it can be used by consulting your doctors.

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