It’s the most miraculous feeling we all women are blessed with. The world confronts baby after 9 months, but moms feel it right from the beginning and spend 40 miracle weeks with their baby growing within them. It’s a journey to live, face difficulties but still cherish these moments till your last breath. You forget all your miseries the moment you hold your baby in your arms, when he/she looks at you and feels comfortable only with you.

  • The happiness of your baby coming into this world is beyond the words. You start imagining his/her looks, you try to figure out their features from scan films.
  • It’s so exciting to peep into monitor and look your baby develop week by week in every scan session and listen to their heart-beats. Days, weeks, months just passes away thinking and planning about the needs of the baby. You don’t want to miss anything and be prepared with all the things baby will need.
  • These days have quite delightful moments when you are indulged in cravings, eating more but healthier ones. Receiving a VIP treatment from your hubby giving you leg-back massage.
  • Caring messages and calls from family and friends, seeing your elder child and hubby kissing your belly and talking to the baby, photoshoots and keeping memories, choosing baby’s names, wearing only maternity gowns gives you relax feeling.
  • This delightful journey comes with lot of difficulties too. The major issue is you have nothing to wear. Before going anywhere you need to think what you can wear. You can sleep only on one side that becomes painful and very uncomfortable. You face mood swings, get irritated unnecessarily, not willing to eat medicines knowingly how important it is.
  • The food which was once your the most favourite, now you hate its smell and don’t want to see it. Increasing weight don’t let you walk properly and fast. Continuous pain in back and legs. No matter how much you try but feels tiring the whole day even if not doing anything. Sometimes feel sleepy the whole day and the other day you’re awake for 24hrs continuously.

  • Other health problems commonly faced are leg cramps, morning sickness, hormonal changes leads to thinning or thickening of hair, changes in skin such as itching, inability to control urination, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, weakness, fainting, vomiting sensation, swelling in legs, bleeding nose and gums, feeling very hot, strange unexpected dreams, gestational diabetes, amniotic fluid complications, low-lying placenta, high bp, face swelling, breathing difficulties for baby, abdominal pain, etc. It may vary from person to person because each one of us health and physique is different from each other.
  • And this is not the end of your journey. In fact, it’s the beginning of the war your about to fight after the delivery. When it’s not only about you but babies too. You need to recover from the complications and take care of your infant at the same time. This difficulty is much more when you already have a kid and now you have to care of both. Both of them need you equally. So, all the best wishes to ladies planning for second or third. You are not less than any warrior!

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