Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

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An open letter to ISRO

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I am an ordinary citizen of a great nation. Amongst the many stories that I would have to tell my coming generation would be the ecstacy we felt about on how the Indian space program marked a place for itself among the international ones…. How inspiring the journey had been for our generation. Yesterday, as millions of Indians waiting with abated breath to witness the history in making, they were joined by space enthusiasts all over the world. Though the last 100 seconds bought a tense mood, what remained was a HUGELY applauded effort, the selfless love for the country and dedication of the whole team. What chandrayaan 2 left behind for us were lessons – that nothing is impossible, no matter what the world thinks or do believe in yourself, and that ‘apna time aayega‘. As a mother to two children growing up in new India, I thank you for instilling hope and pride in our kids. Today when I opened the science book of my 10 year old, what caught my attention next to a muscular system were the words scribbled by my kid which read “I am going to send chandrayaan 2 back” (please excuse her naivety;by the time she grows up, we would have accomplished much more). After we watched Mangalayaan documentary, my daughter was filled with excitement on seeing women scientists being part of the coveted project. She dreams of being one of those one day. No longer do I hear her friends say they want to fly away and look for better prospects abroad or join NASA. You have silenced parents who always thought rocket science was predominantly men expertise and women are better suited for simpler things. Thank you ISRO for being the role models. Thank you for teaching our kids the importance of patience, perseverance and hard work. When you have the love, support and faith of millions, there is nothing to lose or fear. Be fearless, victory and success will be ours. Jai hind. Jai Bharat.

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