Being house-wife, I got to hear this thousands of times, “You’re still studying even after marriage and babies?” why you need to? Are you going to do a job after completing your current degree?” If not, then why wasting money? And so on…never ending BLAH, BLAH, BLAH……….!

And after hearing all these stupid questions everytime I want to ask these people—

Do we girls study just to get married?

Does our degree is just to get high-earning husband?

Is it necessary to go out and have a job otherwise your degree and education is worthless?

If you are not earning, people look at you like your illiterate no matter you are much more qualified than them.

Why people don’t take “house-wife” as a profession? Just because we are not being paid certain amount monthly?………..

Being housewife is a choice, it doesn’t mean I am illiterate or less than other working women in anyway. This duty is not imposed on me, it’s just I prioritized taking care of my better-half and my kids. I continued my studies because I love to and if I am not earning back doesn’t mean money is being wasted. Just few paper-currencies cannot judge my knowledge. I didn’t sacrifice anything, I still do whatever I want to, I just chose a path where I will able to look after my family myself and also have a career side-by-side.

Why ladies taking care of their own family members are being looked-down and regarded as jobless? We are taught to help others known or unknown. Then, why concerning about your own people is considered not so worthy? How does handling my household chores relates to my IQ-level, my knowledge, my education. Once a known person asked me – have you done a job till date? when I replied “NO”, she answered “oh then you have not done anything competitive. Taking education is not a big deal.” I couldn’t reply to her anything because she thinks student life is easy may be because she might have achieved it easily but not me. My parents, my husband and I have worked very hard day and night to achieve what I have today. Like me millions of students work hard, they let go off their childhood enjoyment many times to be somewhere prestigious in their lives. So, people like her never ever take student life and achievements lighter. No one can directly reach to have a job each one of us firstly work hard in student phase then only we reach our desired destination.

I had this person next-door who herself was not that educated and was a very lazy person and didn’t want to pursue any career or education further. She was slothful to an extent that didn’t do any housework nor taking care of her single kid. For every activity she hired a maid. And me being totally opposite she couldn’t bare it because I was being set as an example at her home. So, in that fate she started commenting on my looks, my studies, education that I am wasting money…blah, blah, blah. Through this extreme column I would like to convey her that sitting at home and doing nothing in your life nor for your family is regarded as wastage of money and a wasteful life. You do just one-thing in your life, roaming around making friends and then bitching about them, their looks, family, culture, etc. You are totally not worthy to yourself, your family, your society and your country! You need to see a mirror first. Being born dark was absolutely not your fault nor your choice but being cunning to others unnecessarily and become black hearted soul was definitely your choice.


Yet another acquaintance I met long ago. I was teaching their children and one-day I got to hear from her that I am not up to mark as her kids. My vocabulary & pronunciation in English is worse than her kids that they are unable to understand what is being taught. I was stumbled to hear this and had no answer. A child studying in school in primary class was much more knowledgeable than a Ph.D. student. I don’t say that knowledge has anything to do with age, but I guess she couldn’t find better excuse. She couldn’t or maybe she didn’t want to think that their children might be having problem in conversing in English because they are still too young. But all to cover-up she accused my knowledge and degree because I am a housewife and not teaching in a school/college or working with any organization. It hurted me a lot and made me think the same question again about such people because I had students from the time I myself was a student and hearing this stupid accusation shattered me. But few minutes later, my mom and better-half made me realized that she is no one to judge my knowledge. You remain what you are it doesn’t depend on others silly comments.






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