Why You Should Take Your Kids Grocery Shopping by Dimpaal Saahy (Expert Column)

Why you should take your kids grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping with little kids tests the limits of parents’ patience and sanity .

As a parent you may not realise it, but you teach them many things when you grocery shop with kids.

Here are 5 things children learn when they shop with you.

  1. Learning letters and numbers: Point out interesting signs and symbols, play eye spy and ask your child to find a picture, letter or number, write a shopping list together and have your child cross off the items as you collect them. Going shopping helps kids learn that words and numbers are useful and meaningful.
  2. Learning about Money.
    Money is a tricky concept to teach kids without hands on experience. If kids grow up seeing us buy things, handling money or using bank cards, etc they will have a good, real life, foundation of experience on which to build their knowledge about money. Older children can get even more hands on by helping hand over money, handling change, talking about how much items cost etc.
  3. Practicing Social Skills.
    Our kids benefit from seeing, meeting and interacting with a range of different people. It helps kids to learn that people come in all shapes, sizes, and colours and that they do all kinds of interesting things.
    The supermarket is also a great place to experience and practice social skills such as waiting your turn, being respectful to others, speaking politely, asking for help, etc
  4. Learning about Food.
    Taking your kids shopping gives them an opportunity to see and learn about a wider variety of foods than just what comes home with you. It’s a great opportunity to talk about healthy foods, where food comes from, and may even help motivate a picky eater to try something new. It is also the starting point for teaching kids about cooking, meal planning and budgeting so when they are adults they can plan, shop for, and cook a meal from scratch.
  5. Learning about Advertising and Labeling.
    We always want our kids to make healthy choices about the foods they consume. They need to learn how to read a label and compare items and need to know and understand that the word ‘sale’ doesn’t always mean it is a good deal. Watching you read labels teaches your children what is the important aspect they need to keep in mind while shopping. Small children learn these things by watching adults well before they actually understand themselves, and older children can play an active part in these discussions and decisions.

If you’ve set clear shopping limits believe me shopping with kids can be fun. It’s a beautiful chance you get to spend time with your kids, enjoy their company and watch them learn. Chatting with your little one as he rides in the trolley facing you is a great way to connect , to watch the spark in their eyes when they see something new or even have a new experience.

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More About Dimpaal Saahy: Prior to founding Small Wonders Early Learning Centre, Dimpaal has been working with children for close to 30 years with teaching experience at J.N. Petit Technical High School, Bishop’s Co-ed School Kalyani Nagar and Muktangan English School Pune.

Additionally, She has 3 years of experience as a training facilitator for retail management, soft skills, and financial skills with IIJT.

Dimpaal Saahy has also worked as the resource person at the State Wise Massive and Rigorous Training program for Primary teachers during the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan from 1997 to 2000. She is an active member of the Association of Early Childhood Education and Development.

She has been rewarded by the Maharashtra Government for making the most innovative teaching aids in 1998.

Dimpaal Saahy is also Advisory member for Train for India.

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