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Ouch It Hurts But It’s Fine :)

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Few days back when I went out to fetch errands, an elderly lady slipped in the muddy ground in front of me. After I helped her get up and gather her belongings, the next obvious thing to ask her was if she was ok? She sheepishly smiled at me, said thanks for the help and , Haan beta, theek hoon (Sure dear, I am fine), though her  gait and her embarrassment  due to curious onlookers said otherwise.

Next I went to the bank which was unusually crowded, may be because of some  public holidays which came in close succession. As I stood in the queue, a man with a toddler came to me and requested if he could jump the queue as the kid was getting too cranky. I obviously had no choice and a good samaritan  that I am 🙂 , I obliged and said sure, that`s fine!!!

What next crossed my mind was how often we use the humble word fine, when actually we are not fine. Analyse some of these:-

After gathering all the courage, when you enter your kids room after a play date to see it as if struck by a tornado and the little one  with the most precious smile says, sorry mom its a little mess and you embrace her and say, its fine sweetie, let us clean it up.

When you hear the heart crushing news from your the domestic help that she will not be coming for few days as she has to go to her hometown and attend some wedding/ her relative is sick/ she needs to tend to her share of fields or whatever and we say, it`s fine but do not make it more than 3 days.

When your teen is trying to get ready to go out and even after digging her cupboard and trying every possible combination (including the new ones), eyes your wardrobe and you fling your arms in the air and exasperatedly say, Fine just do whatever you want!!!

When you plan a family holiday and your husband informs you that there is an on site need for him and surely he is going to make it some other time, you like an understanding supportive better half put a broad smile and say, sure why not some other time...that`s fine

When in the middle of an argument with your spouse,you feel that you are loosing your grip on it or worst  what your spouse says makes more sense, you put a brave sacrificing face and  say, its fine…for kids sake let us put our arguments aside and  work together.

When you really want to meet this new team member who is eating away your evening time with your spouse and finally that office family night comes and your husband asks if it would be fine if he goes out with his friends instead and you say …of course,it is fine dear !!

When you spend your time and energy buying gifts for your relatives(read inlaws) and they are disapproved in a whiff leaving you fuming and then you console yourself by saying, it is fine; everyone does not have good taste….

When you work really hard and come up with something that you are really proud of and you are being asked to share it with your team at workplace(uff, believe me office politics can be as spiteful as kitchen politics)

When your parents seize every possible opportunity to train guns at you and point your mistakes especially when it concerns your kids and you choose to maintain a stoic silence murmuring to yourself it’s fine, they are elders, they are the reason for my existence, they did a fantastic job as parents though their and our parenting styles don’t match, etc ,etc

When the vendor is not moved by your haggling skills and disappointment descends (just FYI I am from Delhi) and you say, theek hai bhaiya chalo do phir (ok, it’s fine, let’s settle it then)

When the kids are being argumentative, illogical and irreasonable and you try to put some sense into them but at the end of fruitless discussion all you hear is, leave it mom- you never understand(ouch, that really hurts) and you reminisce the time when you were the only one who could understand what they said and think-  leave it , it`s fine, it is just a phase ;will talk later

When I turn back the pages of my life and look at the black and white pictures of me with my parents and sibling and wonder why did I grow or old  pictures of my kids nestled in my arms and realise that one day they are going to fly away from the nest I built to nurture them and find their own place and  from nowhere a tear trickles down my bony cheek, I definitely say.. It’s fine, after all that’s circle of life…..

I have tried  my level best to put forth some situations and I urge the readers to  please add theirs in the comments section. This write up is intended to be light hearted , away from social issues, parenting, womanhood etc #fun :)…..

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