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I opt for all three options depending on the requirement, time, budget for an event/occasion I am shopping for and I guess all have their own benefits and drawbacks—


  • Shopping malls are the most preferred ones because you find everything required under one roof. No need to roam from one shop to other. No wastage of money on transport and time.
  • All things available under one roof give you one more option of multi-shopping at the same-time. While I am busy shopping kids and my stuffs, my husband simultaneously shops for his own things. If I am shopping for groceries he could shop for other things like crockeries or home-decor materials.
  • After getting tired of shopping we look for food that is again available at same place of shopping malls. So, no tension of going home and cooking.
  • Shopping malls are in prime locations so easily transports available to reach there in case not having own vehicles.


  • But shopping malls and online products don’t give you the option of “bargaining”. We ladies loves to bargain and then shop.
  • The major benefits of shopping at local markets you find fresh vegetables, fruits, other food products, etc. But at shopping malls you find frozen and tetra-packed products that is quite harmful for health if consumed regularly.
  • Local markets save money on parking fees, buying cheap products which are available at higher price in shopping malls because of the luxurious air conditioning aura you find there.
  • One- myth regarding local markets that there you find bad quality products because its available in low-price while malls selling the same quality product is good because it has a brand-name and higher price.
  • It’s not a static situation, I have shopped from all three options and  found sometimes even after buying branded products and paying more quality is not up-to mark while having shopped sproducts from local markets non-branded ones lasted for years.
  • Shopping centres and online websites can be preferred most probably during sales and when you are looking for fresh food products opt for local markets.
  • Online shopping gives you the most relaxed option of sitting at home and peep into the latest products available at cheaper prices.
  • I love shopping on “AMAZON” amongst all websites available. Good quality products are available at reasonable rates. Easy return, replacement and refunds policies. Doorstep- delivery and on-time.

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