Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

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Alarming time ,otherwise ,What is the use of repenting now when the bird has eaten the harvest ?

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😶 Silence please … In this noise we are losing something very important Can’t you hear,somebody is screaming with fear and tear.. we all r busy and happy in many ways on this earth but we should think how our earth can be happy . We call earth as our mother so it should be our responsibility to treat earth as our mother not only in discussions but also by our works , its our responsibility to save earth and its high time to do something. So I request u all to save earth plant more n more trees n not only plant look aftr them,save water, stop pollution ,say no to polythenes n do whatever u have capacity pls save earth .Think deeply earth tolerates how much burden pls don’t be burden for earth by your workings. Love earth as u love urself. Give earth for what it is worth . Awake n celebrate everyday with beautiful neat and clean 🌍 on earth. if u r a responsible person, Awake, arise , stop not till the goal is reached .

There is something to say
In an alarming way..
To save earth..
For what it is worth..
So pls pls please
Plant more n more trees
Don’t cut trees think please..

And don’t be a burden on earth..
For God sake..

Omg see there is dirt , rubbish everywhere..
So..called human u have no care..
Can’t u see ur mother’s tear……
Dear,But how much a mother can bear..

Pls don’t disturb all things at six n sevens..
Don’t spoil this amazing beautiful heaven…..

Prevention is better than cure..
Now it’s high time to be sure..
N fulfill ur duty make the earth pure….

Mend urself..
Our mother need help..
Which again n again saying change ur attitude..
Dude towards the earth and everything..
Don’t only sing..don’t pass orders like a king
Please do something..

The earth is screaming pls hear
We all should use our deaf ears …

Find some intellectual way..
The earth is not a toy to play..
There is always a hope ray
Be active towards ur duty..
otherwise one day we have to pay……


What is the use of repenting now when the bird has eaten the harvest??????

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