Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

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Fly high Little Birdie

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🕊Fly high little Birdie 🕊

Our little girl 👼🏻suddenly grew up, realized when she decided to take a leap on her own.
Fly high birdee🕊, while the sun🌞, stars⭐ and moon🌛 guards you.. do not look down;
if you happen to look down , you will see us cherishing for your glory 👭👬👫.
you are going far far away, across oceans🌊.. distance weakens us but knowing you gives us strength.
while we will be missing you in all our small small gatherings, we wish you form a new circle of alike👭👭 .
You have always dreamt big, now is the time to make it your reality , flutter your wings and take a mesmarizing flight.✌🏻💃🏼

we wish you all the happiness and success.👑🏆🥇
loads of love,🥰
Mrs. Pooja Agrawal

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