Watch-out: Such people around can never be your “TRUE-FRIENDS!”, You are just a ‘substitute with benefits’ to them.

Watch-out: Such People Around Can Never Be Your “TRUE-FRIENDS!”, You are just a ‘substitute with benefits’ to them.

God blesses us with a lovely family. We don’t choose them, but friends are those whom we choose, so choose wisely! Beware of these people they can never be your faithful friends they are just opportunists who take advantage of you, use you like tissue paper and then ignore you as if you’re a stranger. They pass on besides you as if they didn’t see you, they will be bitching against you. When they need you, you’ll find them at your place no matter how much now you ignore them, no matter what time the clock is showing they will be there dancing on your head unnecessarily. People with these qualities can never be your true friend—

  • Person jealous of your successA true friend is always happier than you when you achieve something but the one jealous of you will never appraise you and your talent. You will not hear a single word of appreciation from them. In fact, in that particular period of time they would be so busy that they can’t even manage to text you a single congratulation message, but you’ll find them surfing around on Facebook, Instagram, etc. or roaming and partying with other bunch of friends who are certainly not as successful as you. So, they have time for them.

  • Jealous of your beauty- One can unfortunately can’t do anything with their looks. It’s a god -gift. Your being ignored just because your pretty and dress-up well while your so-called friend is not able to do that. Even though looks don’t matter to you but for that jealous person it matters no matter how good you’re at heart. They will be friends with not so good-looking person even though they insult them just to satisfy their jealous ego and make you feel guilty unnecessarily for a crime you never committed.
  • Jealous of your popularity amongst friends zone- Again, you can’t help it if people like you for what you are. You’re famous amongst your friend circle/ your neighbourhoods and your mean friend wants it too but couldn’t achieve it and you grasp all the attention. You’re gossip even if you are not present it hurts them, and they eventually try to pull you down in everyone’s eyes.
  • Person keeping relations with your enemies- Person who enjoys your enemy’s company knowingly how rude he/she is towards you is never your true friend. Being with them they try to prove you a wrong person even-though you’re not. Their only agenda is to keep you lonely and satisfy their egoistic jealousy.

  • Person discriminating you in reference to religion/cast/community- Such people find no problem in taking financial advantage from you or sharing your clothes, food or other stuffs. But when it comes to pray or stay together, they ignore you as if you are not even present there. Your just invisible at that time. They would be doing pooja and touching other ladies’ feet just because they belong to their religion or cast and touching you at that moment will ruin their worship. What a hypocrisy?
  • Making fun of your personality- Knowingly that god has made you better in every aspect such people try to find out something to laugh on you make fun of you like commenting on your increasing weight and try to overcome the quality they lack. But such people forget there are few things that you can overcome after a certain period of time by maintaining it but what about them? Can they change natural qualities they lack in their facial features, body colour, height, etc. No! then why? Nobody is perfect look yourself in mirror before making fun of others. Such people don’t understand unless you show them a mirror and when you do so they feel hurted. They break-up from you. Guys just think the same feeling you gave that person everytime you made fun of him/her but on having your own medicines once you couldn’t bare it and vomited out totally.

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