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Kids Are Kids, Only Once In A Lifetime: Don’t Miss It!

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Kids are kids, only once in a lifetime: Don’t miss it!


In today’s hectic life it’s important to wait and think that for achieving future we are losing our present especially the precious time with our kids. The most special gift we can give to our loved ones is our “TIME”. The moments we share with them never comes back and become a memory.

Time spent with kids matters the most because in life you can achieve certain things after a certain point of time but kids, once they are grown up, they are of their own. They too get engaged in achieving a career, socializing with friends, settling down in their life, etc. At that point of life, we miss our little kids their gestures their love for us their affection towards us. They need attention from us in their early age and later, on we lookup for same from them. We miss how they depended on us in each and every activity of them, the way they wanted us to appreciate them for their little achievements.

My child is just 4yrs now and I have already started missing his early years. The first time I held him, his smile to me, his first hug, first walk, first words “Mumma” that brought tears in my eyes, etc. I usually see his early years videos and images, it makes me happy and gives a feel of satisfaction that I was there to see my child grow. I am blessed to have not missed even his single gesture that my husband couldn’t because of his work. But he’s there for him in his every special event in school & PTMs and personally too. That much I guess is enough for a child to remember his working parents managed to be there in their ups and down which eventually make their bond strong.

Money and work are important I agree but don’t overload life with them instead fill up your kids memory tanker with beautiful moments as much as you can by spending time with them as much as possible. We always save things for tomorrow but who knows what destiny has kept for us. Who knows you’ll be there or not tomorrow to express your love to your kids? Just think It’s today your last day to be with them, hug them love them every moment. Remember your daily activities won’t give you time, you have to take-out time from your busy schedule for your kids and family. Fill up their memory with your love and presence so that they don’t think twice before giving you the same in your last years. The lovely smile on your kids face always comes more with your presence and time spent with them, not with objects we usually engage them with.

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