Dear Friend “Scolding and Being A Little Strict” Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Mom But Yes “Not Correcting At The Right Moment” Makes Your Child Look Like A Spoilt Brat!

Dear mommies, being a little strict doesn’t mean you don’t love your child, or it will have an adverse effect on them. I heard many of my friends saying that pointing out the mistakes of their child will leave a bad impression of them or it will have a bad effect on child’s development. Sorry to say to those mommies there’s no such stupidity that exist. Vigorously beating, scolding child in private/ public becomes a hindrance in their development but correcting a child in private or just politely pointing out the  mistake in public makes him/her understand difference between right and wrong and also to behave well-mannerly in public.

Such mommies please get alive, by not correcting you already made him/her spoiled in every manner.

  • Your child is beating you, abusing you, shouting at you in front of your friends and relatives. Is this what you refer to a “good development” ?
  • Your child beating vigorously like an animal to his/her school-neighbour friends or doing something with them to an extent that would harm their body organs-is this what you call a good development, good upbringing or good manners in a child?????Dear friend – Yes, I scold my child whenever he’s about to do anything wrong, make him respect his elders- friends- teachers and not use abusive languages with anyone. If he learns abusive words from some other child, I make sure he doesn’t repeat and teach that child also not to speak up such languages. You may call me strict, laugh on me, give explanations to your silly parenting methods but I feel proud of my child, my upbringing, my way of teaching things to him because I see a lot of good development in him. Although being so young he listens to whatever I say or his other elders in one-go. He understands his mom loves him very much and it has nothing to do with poking him, scolding him whenever needed. I don’t know what he would achieve in his life but would definitely be a well- mannered polite -happily child.

Mommies please don’t misinterpret the concept of “non-violent good learning” with “let allow child do anything, say any abusive language or beat anyone else child!”. You have spoiled your child and what you are supporting him/her will definitely come back to you first one day. This kind of upbringing especially with a baby leads him/her to become a repetitive abuser later on in their lives. For example, a girl child abusing her own mother will definitely feel no shame in abusing her mom -in-law or sister-in-law and a baby boy would be abusive to his wife and daughter. And all these are just because of a mom who didn’t made their child realize what’s wrong or right.


Mommies always remember the child abusing his/her mother from early stage of life definitely abuses another woman coming later in their lives. This behaviour not only affects you personally but to the society too. Do remember each one of us together make a good/bad society and it can be only nourished with good development of our children. Someday, may be that aggressive-spoiled child achieves much more in their life in terms of money and career but of no importance if they turned out to be bad humans and lacks moral values in them. Wake up! mommies if you don’t teach your child right now how to behave properly it would first definitely come back to you and then to his/her loved ones. “May be one day he/she would be all alone and would not like you for not teaching correct values.”

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