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olive oil for massage

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Baby’s health is utmost important for all of us. In that massage plays an important role making baby’s bones strong, skin soft and relieving him/her from body pain especially to new born that lies in same position for a long period. Skin massage also has therapeutic mental effects on babies. In market many massage oils of several brands are available.

  • I prefer and recommend “FIGARO” brand “OLIVE-OIL”. It really works well both for elders and babies.
  • Olive oil is a fat which is obtained by processing whole olives. It is rich in antioxidants enhancing glowing skin tone, nail health and maintain overall skin health.
  • It also calms baby, helps in digestion, weight gain, immunity boost, brain development, metabolism, etc.
  • It is an all-weather massage oil as compared to other oils that are restricted to summer or winters. Keep a check on quantity of olive oil used in summers as its quite a heavy oil giving more warm effect.
  • Massaging baby’s head with this oil strengthens baby’s hair and prevent dandruff because it is a good source of vitamin E.
  • Massaging baby’s diaper area with olive oil treat your baby’s rashes.
  • Olive oil has relaxing properties that makes your baby fall to sleep. Massaging your baby benefits him/her right from top-to-toe. My personal experience says it’s the best. I didn’t get any skin related issues. My son is 4years now and still it’s a routine to massage with olive oil. Its effect may vary baby to baby. If baby’s skin is damaged or is prone to eczema(disease which makes skin red and dry), olive oil may not be the best choice consult your paediatrician before use.



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