Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

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Go Green by Shalaka Patwardhan

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We meet with friends often but this time was special as our friend Lavanya had kept a themed party that too on the most burning issue of environment. All of us dressed in green and were gifted a plant each. So the thoughts of penning this poem came in mind and Together we can really make our Earth Green.

SAVE_20190816_211059 (1) Earth is in danger.
Let’s pledge to be a life changer.
Let’s take simple steps to make our world bright.
This is the only thing which seems to be right.
Switch off the light.
We can all do it if we are not using it quite.
Carpool to work.
I am sure you will obviously get your perk.
Save fuel, Save energy,
Save water,Plant a tree.
Don’t litter and keep the rivers clean.
These things we should always remember. Go green Think clean.

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